Relocation & weight update

Finally got settled back home in LA. I missed this city so much, no matter whst time it is it always feels alive. Country living was fun for a while but its not for me. Im currently looking for a job, getting registered for bursing school, and apt hunting. Some things are going better than others, but thats life. On top of everything else Ive managed to stay on track with my weight loss goals. I thought it would be impossible to eat healthy with a hectic schedule, but it isnt. Today Im going fo try a boxing class for the 1st time. Ive wanted to take one forever but my old gym location didnt offer it. Ive also been sick w a bad head cold the past few days which has pretty much destroyed my appetite but I try to eat when I can. Im excited to be on this new adventure and look forward to all it will bring. Ive been trying to keep up with everyones posts and progress, it seemslike most of you are doing well. Keep going!

I never believed people when they said my body would eventually start craving healthy foods. For the last 6-8 months my body has all but rejected most dairy and meats. I never ate red meat, pork, or beef only chicken and turkey. Now I can barely eat that. Anytime I eat any meat or dairy my stomach starts doing backflips and has the worse cramps ever. Its so strange, my mom and aunt both said they became lactose intolerant in their early 20s but Im the only one who has a problem with meat.



 Let me lick those arms. God Damn.

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hes been consistently sexy for the past 20 yrs

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cant wait til I can wear shirts with the sides out

cant wait til I can wear shirts with the sides out

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